Multimedia documentary exhibition dedicated to the 82nd anniversary of the Babyn Yar tragedy

29.09.2023 — 15.01.2024
Exhibition Center "Living Memory" 46A Yuria Illienka Street, Kyiv

Video version

ATTENTION! The video contains documentary footage (exhumation of victims of totalitarian regimes) that is not suitable for children.

Babyn Yar: Mirrors of Death

Babyn Yar, a universal symbol of the Holocaust. Is it destined to meet the fate of major tragedies of the past, which have fallen into the dust of oblivion under the weight of the unparalleled crimes of the 20th century? Can it take on new dimensions in a world rapidly heading towards a new global war?

We believe that Babyn Yar must convey to people universal knowledge about the evils of the past in order to inspire them to stop the evils of today. We urge everyone to walk the path that the Jews of Kyiv took on their final journey on September 29, 1941. At every step of this Via Dolorosa, look into the countless mirrors reflecting the fates of the victims of the Holodomor and Mariupol, the deported Crimean Tatars and executed Roma, the prisoners of the Gulag, Syrets and Yagidnе, the POWs killed in Katyn, Darnytsia, and Olenivka...

Time and again, victims of totalitarian regimes go down the fatal path from loss of freedom to loss of life. Is Ukraine doomed to forever reflect in these mirrors, or can we put an end to this path of sorrow?..